Monday , 17 June 2019

Gabrielle Englebrecht Open Day

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While nursing a woeful hangover a few Sundays back, Fillies Form (FF) made an early start and headed to Warwick Farm to attend the Gabrielle Englebrecht Stables Open Day.

Being FF’s first “Open Day” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but a free sausage sizzle and a pat of a pony had me intrigued.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Gabrielle herself. Despite feeling in all sorts, I was taken by how well spoken, warm and knowledgeable she was. In no time Gabrielle had her audience engaged.

Like a bunch of kids in a pet store we gathered around the parade ring  hoping for a glimpse of something special…  And so the show began.

One by one stable staff presented the beautiful colts and fillies on offer, while Gabrielle spruiked about each of their ability and potential.

I will be the first to admit that apart from their colour, most horses look pretty similar. That’s untill I laid eyes on the dashing filly by Danzero,  out of  the Dam Vodka Twist.

Strong, dark and handsome, the well built filly had all the features of a colt, and I was beginning to wonder (dream/fantasise is probably the more appropriate description)  whether she might just be my new Black Caviar.

With the parade now over, it was the chatter of excited buyers that snapped me out of my day dream and brought me back to reality.

As I headed towards the bain-marie for a consoling 5th sausage sandwich, the FF accountant dropped a statement that was out of the blue…. but significant.

“Go tell Gabrielle we’ll take 10% in that horse you like.”

Almost choking on my sausage, I ran and confirmed the deal with Gabrielle before the accountant could change his mind.

I am not sure what came over him that day? but either Gabrielle had a very good salesmen/breeder in his ear, or he was suffering indigestion.

With the deal finalised, Fillies Form celebrated the unexpected purchase with some nice cold champagne (went down a treat!). We mingled with the other new owners while we listened to the dulcet tones of Tommy Berry and Peter Robl who spoke of their positive experience’s working with Gab.

It all made for good banter and we even had a photo with our new purchase “Stella”.


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