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How To Place a Bet – The Basics

Placing a bet.So I am sure many of you have placed a bet or two in your time….

But for those of you who are new to the racing game, and want to try your luck on the ponies, here are a few pointers for placing a bet.


Also known as ‘betting on the nose’, this is simply a bet on which the horse you pick must win the race.

Eg. I place $6 straight/win only bet on Prince Cheri (as pictured) who is paying $10. If he wins I get a lovely $60 return. If he doesn’t, I get ZIP.


This bet involves you picking a horse you believe will finish in the top three placegetters.

The size of the field (number of runner’s) will determine whether you will get a return on your bet.

Eight or more runners will pay 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Five to Seven runners will only pay 1st and 2nd.

Less than Five runners will only pay First.

Eg. If Joey the punter wants to outlay $10 on Pretty Pins for the Place only, and the Place price is $3, Joey will receive a return of $30. Nice.  Note that If Pretty Pins wins the race, Joey only receives the place dividend and not the win dividend.


photoEach way

An each way bet involves you putting money on a horse to Win and to run a Place.

Betting each way means the punter is able to collect dividends on both a win bet (if the horse wins) and a place bet (if the horse runs 2nd or 3rd). It’s like having insurance incase your horse just get’s nutted on the line.

So, If you have $10 each way on a horse paying $10 for a win and $2.50 for the place you will outlay a total of $20 (In essence you are having 2 bets)

If your horse wins you return $125.00 ($100.00 for win and $25.00 for place). A lovely feeling when it happens.

If your horse runs a place (2nd or 3rd) your return is $25.00 (Zero for Win and $25.00 for Place) And that is better than nothing.

Now you know the basics, next week we will cover Quinella’s and Trifecta’s for you more adventurous types…

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